20 March 2019


  Volunteers ready to do their part

KOTA KINABALU: With exactly a month away volunteers for the Ninth Malaysia Games (Sukma 2002) are fully prepared to provide the best service to the organisers.

Sabah Sukom Volunteer 98 president Jamal Jinal said some 100 of his members confirmed their participation to volunteer their services at the Sabah Sukma from Sept 5 to 14.

“At the Sukma there will be a lot of volunteer groups around. However, ours comprise a mixture of experienced and newcomers who pledge to do their best,” he said at a dinner gathering.

Sabah Sukom Volunteer 98 was formed after the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur two years ago and the members are made up of those who had served during the 1998 Games.

“For the Sukma some 30 new members have signed up with us and we hope this creates an opportunity for them to gain some experience, because volunteers are not only needed in Sabah but overseas as well. For instance, the organisers of the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Manchester called us but we were unable to go because all the flights to England were fully booked before the Games,” said Jamal.

Recalling the experience they gained at the last Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, Jamal said the organisers allocated 150 places for the volunteers from Sabah.

“As volunteers we had to use our own pocket money to buy air tickets to Kuala Lumpur, but when the actual Games began the organisers provided us with food and accommodation,” he said.

“We gained a wonderful experience at the Games, meeting and talking with people from more than 100 different countries.

“To be a volunteer one must exercise self-discipline all the time because one is not only providing free service but representing the State too.

“One must always protect one’s good image because what one does reflects the State. If one does something silly it will tarnish the good name of the State.

“Although we are sacrificing our time for free, we are also shouldering a heavy responsibility to ensure the smooth process of the Games.

“I hope all of us will be able to maintain the commitment that we displayed at the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games, because at the end of the Games, the organisers commended us for a job well done,” he said.

Meanwhile, its deputy president Ajimin Awang said they are always ready to provide the necessary services if the need arose.

“Besides volunteering for the major sporting events we always make ourselves available for domestic events too. For example some of our members were involved as escorts for the recent 2nd Special Olympics Mount Kinabalu challenge,” he said.

“This group of volunteers are also preparing to escort some disabled athletes for a mountain challenge to be held in Nepal this year,” he added.

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